25th - 26th July 2020

  • A weekend of workouts to test your strength, speed, skill and stamina
  • ​Scaled events so everyone can join
  • ​Play for prizes or just for fun
  • Every point you earn plants a tree!
the vivo games are COMING...
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Let's face it: in 2020, staying fit and active has been harder than ever.

With gyms closing and training partners locked down, many of us have lost the means and motivation to keep up a regular programme. We've had to get creative and challenge our body in new ways, but the biggest thing missing is the community and competition that comes with group training...

And that's exactly why we created The Vivo Games!

We wanted to create an online event which delivers all of the fun and the challenges of training together; but from the safety of your own garden, park or running track.
Which is why, on the weekend of July 25-26 we are connecting thousands of fitness enthusiasts from around the world to test their strength, skill and stamina in the first ever Vivo Games.

And we want you to join us there! 

To take part in the Vivo Games you just need your bodyweight and your determination to do your very best. We've made scaled versions of each workout so that anyone can join in!

We'll be offering Vivo vouchers and product prizes for the winner of each category, and best of all we will plant one tree for every point that you score.
The Vivo Games is totally free to join, so click the link below to sign up now!
challenge yourSelf
Test your strength, skill and stamina with our challenger and pro workouts.
plant treeS!
In collaboration with Eden Projects we will plant one tree for every point you score in the Vivo Games.
win prizeS
Over £1000s worth of vouchers and products to give away!
chooSe your category
Up for the challenge? Dare to take on the pros? You decide...


This category is for everyone! The exercises are straight-forward but still challenging for all fitness levels. There are scaled versions for every workout so that anyone can join in!
  • A mixture of fun and challenging workouts
  • ​Scaled versions of each workout to suit all abilities
  • Please only enter this category if you cannot perform all of the exercises in 'the pros' section


This category is dedicated to the athletes! 
To enter this category you should be able to do the following exercises:
  • At least 5 unbroken handstand push ups and / or 20 unbroken push ups
  • Run at least 3KM without a break
  • ​Perform a pistol squat on each leg
  • Rope skipping shouldn't be new to you
the vivo games begin in...
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